About Us

Parrish Digital was officially founded in March, 2004 when entrepreneur and freelance web designer, Shayne Parrish, saw an opportunity to fulfill a need for web services to businesses in his local region of Central Pennsylvania. Our client base quickly spread to all corners of the United States and abroad, and we were established as a highly regarded provider of custom web solutions that bring the latest cutting edge technologies to businesses of all sizes.

At Parrish Digital, our goal since day one has been to provide businesses with the best web technology available at a budget that works for them. We’re not an ad agency that builds some websites or a computer store that offers web design services, we are a dedicated web company that can help your business with all aspects of your online presence. From SEO and marketing to social media, we’ve got you covered.

One thing that we specialize in responsive design, which ensures that your website looks great on everything from smartphones to large desktop monitors. We were early adopters of mobile-friendly sites and today, providing the best experience across all platforms is baked right in to what we do.

Custom Software Services

In addition to building standard websites, have the ability to handle specialized projects such as API integration and web service development. For our standard projects, we commonly develop sites that leverage industry standard CMS software such as WordPress and Drupal, but we also frequently develop completely custom solutions using PHP, AngularJS, Node.js, Microsoft .NET, and a variety of other development platforms. These technologies are often used in manufacturing and accounting environments as well as in a host of other large-scale projects. We love a challenge, and we have a creative or technical professional available to handle almost any need you can imagine.

Please contact us to learn more about our services and to find out how we can help you! We would love to get your company online or to help your business replace its aging website with a new mobile-friendly site that will reach your customers everywhere. We look forward to hearing from you!